The very beginning…

In Autumn 2015, I launched a Dragon’s Den style competition with Outward’s customers for their own social enterprise ideas. I met with Kay in January 2016; and it was evident that Kay had some great ideas and lots of enthusiasm to see her idea through.

We held the panel event to decide the winner on 26th February. The Outward Dragons’ had a hard task choosing the winner from the entries; but decided that Kay’s was one idea we just had to choose as the winner! We had lots of good ideas and other customers who entered are also being supported with their proposals. You can see a photo above on the left hand side of our Outward Dragon’s panel as well as Kay on the right.

Kay has identified a massive gap in the market for a sensory room that people with disabilities can use in London after finding it really difficult to find one locally that she could access easily. Kay’s winning idea is to create a sensory room in London as a social enterprise that other people can use. It will give Kay an opportunity to earn some income; with the rest of the profits being put back into the business. This will also allow us to support those who might not be able to pay to use it; and to maintain and improve the equipment.

Kay is working with the support of Nikeesha and Carly to take the project forward and this blog is about our journey to get the room opened! It is a large project but we’re all really excited to get started!

We will all be posting on the site and hope you enjoy reading it!

Thanks so much for your support,

Carly Attridge

Volunteering Manager


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